Nuclear wins!
Nuclear wins!

Let´s save the German nuclear power plants

The German government is sticking to the planned nuclear phase-out date of April 15, even though there is no substitute for reliable nuclear power. Polls reveal: A clear majority of Germans are in favor of nuclear power. Please help us fight for our nuclear power plants! Here´s what you can do:

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Why it’s more important now than ever to speak up and get involved:

  • Three parties in the Bundestag tend to or even explicitly support nuclear power. More and more politicians are openly advocating nuclear power. A majority in the Bundestag is possible.
  • The decommissioned nuclear power plants are being dismantled only slowly. There is the option of switching to reconstruction mode.
  • Our allies in the U.S. have successfully prevented nuclear power plant shutdowns at the last second. We can do it too!

That is why Nuklearia will do everything in the next few weeks to turn the tide after all. We will approach politicians, look for allies among family businesses and associations, and on April 15 in Berlin, together with friends from all over the world, show that we are many.

Klick here for more information about the demo at 15th April 2023 in Berlin